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„Muzika yacu, Ubuzima bwacu“

[proverb from Rwanda]

Beat Rink

Beat Rink grew up in Basel and has been married to Airi Rink since 1983. Together they have three adult children. After completing a university degree in German and History, he studied Theology - both at the University of Basel. In 1993 he was ordained pastor of the Protestant Reformed Church, where he has held a mandate as cultural officer (Basel-Stadt) for many years. His full-time activity is devoted to the musician's movement "Crescendo" - founded by him and his wife Airi in 1985 - and other initiatives among professional artists. "Crescendo" is active worldwide. The associated fields of activity are manifold.

In recent years, the focus has been on the promotion of a worldwide network among professional musicians (classical music and jazz) and local Crescendo initiatives, the organization of conferences, concerts and festivals, and the promotion and implementation of new ideas at the intersection of theology and art ("Creative Church", "Crescendo Jazz", "Night of Faith. Festival for Art & Church" etc.)
Beat Rink is, among other things, the author of various books, editor of the publications of Steinway chief technician Franz Mohr and is also active as a writer (


In Rwanda, there has been no classical chamber music concert culture until now. Through the Goethe-Institut in Kigali, we have performed two public concerts during past visits, which were enthusiastically received. One was held at the Serena Hotel and the other at the Theater Hall of the Goethe-Institut. Further concerts are also planned for the upcoming future.

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In addition to the urgent financial help we need, you can also actively participate:
• You can even organize charity concerts for "Music Road Rwanda"
• You can send us instruments, sheet music, strings, tuners, metronomes, etc. that you no longer need
• If you are a musician, you can share with us or friends to teach locally in Kigali
• Or if you tell your friends about us colleagues!


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