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„Muzika yacu, Ubuzima bwacu“

[proverb from Rwanda]

Project Music Road Rwanda

Why "Music Road Rwanda?"

Music is indispensable in any society: it connects people. It plays in many areas of coexistence in education, in the reflection on the common heritage, in the cultivation of the common tradition, in the Church.
The level of musical education in Rwanda is very low. Only a few schools have music lessons. A higher music education does not exist.
Since the beginning of 2018, the project "Rwanda Music Road" has been partnering with "Best Future from Today" (BFT, Youth and Adult Work) of the Presbyterian Church Kigali.
The goal is to build a structured music school in cooperation with "Best Future from Today" and their existing resources.

Musical education
A long-term goal is the development of music education in other parts of the capital and country.

Project Music Road Rwanda

Current Partnerships

Past Partnerships

What is needed?

  • Good teaching material
  • Financial resources for teacher training
  • Financial resources for travel and accommodation costs for 5-10 European teachers per year
  • Resources for the training of piano tuners, training for church musicians
  • Music therapy program with focus on "Trauma Therapy"
  • Financial support for the music lessons of children and adolescents
  • New instruments (strings, guitars, electric pianos …)

What will "Music Road Rwanda" achieve?

Music Road Rwanda" promotes the development of musical life at various Levels.

This includes: 

  • Further education courses for music teachers
  • Promote musical education with Best Future by Today and Violin Kids
  • Public concerts
  • Music Therapeutic Offers and Concerts (as part of the corresponding programs)
  • Church Musician courses incorporating traditional Instruments
  • promoting a network among musicians

Musical Education

The Kigali Music School is the only music school in Rwanda.
“Music Road Rwanda” is collaborating with this music school to create long term strategies to further the development of musical education in other parts of Kigali as well as the rest of the country.


In Rwanda, there was still no classical chamber music concert cultur in public. In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in Kigali, we gave two public concerts, both of which were enthusiastically received. One performance took place in the Hotel Serena, the other in the Goethe-Institute’s own auditorium. We plan to continue our cooperation with the Goethe-Institute to give further performances.

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How you can support us:

In addition to the urgent financial help we need, you can also actively participate:
• You can even organize charity concerts for "Music Road Rwanda"
• You can send us instruments, sheet music, strings, tuners, metronomes, etc. that you no longer need
• If you are a musician, you can share with us or friends to teach locally in Kigali
• Or if you tell your friends about us colleagues!


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