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„Muzika yacu, Ubuzima bwacu“

[proverb from Rwanda]


Music School Kigali - the current situation
Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the Music School Kigali had to temporarily suspend its activities since March 2020 and teaching was not allowed.
In the meantime, the individual teachers continued to be taught by our respective European team members via Skype on their instruments. At the same time, the European team organised regular online meetings with all local teachers and also supported them financially during this crisis to cushion the emergency situation caused by the pandemic.

However, the current situation of Covid19 in Rwanda has now eased and the reopening of the Music School has been made possible from the beginning of November 2020! We are very happy about this news!

Postponement of the planned Training Trip from July 2020
When the next training trip concerning the third part of the teacher training at the Music School Kigali can be planned is not yet clear. We hope to travel to Kigali again as soon as possible.

Training Trip January 2020 / Second Training Session for Music Teachers
From January 1st to January 12 2020 another training trip of Music Road Rwanda took place. It included the second training part for the music teachers at the Music School in Kigali. This training consisted of the basics of didactic and methodological principles of teaching and the artistic training of all local teachers. Read more about our wonderful time together in Kigali under "Road Trips"!


In Rwanda, there was still no classical chamber music concert cultur in public. In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in Kigali, we gave two public concerts, both of which were enthusiastically received. One performance took place in the Hotel Serena, the other in the Goethe-Institute’s own auditorium. We plan to continue our cooperation with the Goethe-Institute to give further performances.

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How you can support us:

In addition to the urgent financial help we need, you can also actively participate:
• You can even organize charity concerts for "Music Road Rwanda"
• You can send us instruments, sheet music, strings, tuners, metronomes, etc. that you no longer need
• If you are a musician, you can share with us or friends to teach locally in Kigali
• Or if you tell your friends about us colleagues!


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