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„Muzika yacu, Ubuzima bwacu“

[proverb from Rwanda]


If you would like to donate to Music Road Rwanda you find our bank account details below:

Music Road Rwanda e.V.
Marie-Elisabeth Helmchen
Luckauer Chaussee 1
D-15926 Heideblick OT Bornsdorf

Bank account number: 190166681
BLZ: 10050000
IBAN: DE34100500000190166681
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Verein «diesis»
Mittlere Strasse 145
CH-4056 Basel

Raiffeisenbank Basel
IBAN CH55 8080 8003 8773 2123 5
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In Rwanda, there has been no classical chamber music concert culture until now. Through the Goethe-Institut in Kigali, we have performed two public concerts during past visits, which were enthusiastically received. One was held at the Serena Hotel and the other at the Theater Hall of the Goethe-Institut. Further concerts are also planned for the upcoming future.

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How you can support us:

In addition to the urgent financial help we need, you can also actively participate:
• You can even organize charity concerts for "Music Road Rwanda"
• You can send us instruments, sheet music, strings, tuners, metronomes, etc. that you no longer need
• If you are a musician, you can share with us or friends to teach locally in Kigali
• Or if you tell your friends about us colleagues!


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